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It is I Akintubuwa Olanrewaju O, who has this to say: I come to raise Richard’s led administration and not to bury it: the evil that students and stakeholders do to student union leaders live after them.

I am giving an unflinching solidarity to present union leaders (Richard’s led administration) on their progressive crusade to achieve and record outstanding progress in their few months stay in office.

It is on this note that I shall convincingly state that the Richard’s led administration is always guided by ethic of commending the commendable (award of excellence presented to Richard by SJC), condemning the condemnable (undiluted verdict of the SRC on the case of the suspended DSP and the life suspension conferred on the honorable that took the MACE illegally into his custody) and recommending the recommendable (the fatherly care of the Provost and the DSA who have helped in making life better for students on campus) using the 3Cs of Aluta that is Consultation, Consolidation and in the last resort, Confrontation.

“The day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die”

Certainly and undeniably, I shall review little of the Richard’s led administration achievements and innovations in our prestigious citadel of learning which are highlighted below :-

1. Good interpersonal relationship with the college management and students.

2. Introduction of campus shuttle on the day of the administration inauguration.

3. Prompt payment of cabinet allowances which cut across the 3arms of the SUG.

4. Reduction in late registration fee from 10000naira to 5000naira.

5. Prompt release of every semester examination results.

6. Internal and external interventions.

7. Effective participation of all Union officers in decision making.

8. Utmost regards for the parliamentarians and judicial arm which is evident by the award of excellence presented to him by the judicial arm.

9. Quick response to plight of students in the hand of oppressors e.g clash between Tennant and landlords.

10. Recovery of money dubiously carted away by scam artists (419 scam) from students.

Lastly, Richard led administration has no place for reactionary radicalism and rascal anti-intellectualism or such disoriented malpractices like cultism or rigidly. His administration is a proactive union which is famous for construction and never destruction.

“The purpose commendation, each time is extended, is not to uplift or extol someone for doing the RIGHT but for refusing the WRONG whose option was obviously open at the time of the choice to the RIGHT”.

Let us all collectively attempt almighty summary as a “Proactive Formula”

Never a problem monger

Always a solution manager

Never a crises engineer

Always a peace pioneer.

Alutua Continua… The struggle continues

Victoria a certain.. Our victory is certain.

Humbly regards

Com. Hon Akintubuwa Olanrewaju (Determination)

(Student, Activist and Union Leader).

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