The General in Confines – Akinbinu Rotimi


As she walked into the little meeting room

Which was cobwebbed as though alien from brooms

Anxiety overwhelmed her like an avalanche spelling doom

Resisting acceptance of the travails her mind zoomed

Her feet pierced the fabrics of her shoes

With its cold feel giving a suggestive clue

Her once athletic feet, now fragile and blue

Walked past the “damaged shoes” as though true

And there he was on an unadorned chair

His eyes and facie as ever, devoid of fear

His strength amazed her as she fought back tears

Pace reduced proximity till his greeting she could hear

As though without constraints he acted, all-the-way brave

Buried in his embrace was all to crave

And for a moment her anxieties were waved

As he tossed softly as though dancing rave

Her eyes paced across the mute but watchful men in uniform

Reminiscing how their superiors and similitude in obeyance were prompt

Their prisoner, once a man whose wishes always got performed

Now a man to be served in an ironic form

Akinbinu Rotimi Andrew is a physician with strong affinity for literature. His keen interest is in poetry and he refers to his works as ‘descriptive poetry’.

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