Amb. Olakunle Churchill bags Ph.D

Amb. Olakunle Churchill was confferred with a Doctorate Honours from ISCG University, Republic of Benin, on 28th May in Otokpa during the school’s Bi-Annual Academic Programme and Awards.

Institut Supérieur De Communication Et De Gestion (ISCG university) is an independent communication, management and technology focused university , offering admission to both bachelors degree and master’s degrees.The institution majors in communication, ICT, Journalism and other related information courses.

While decorating Amb. Olakunle Churchill with the PHD honours and as the newest academic Doctor in Communication Sociale (Faculty of Communication arts) , Vice Chancellor, noted that this recognition was one of the highest professional honours in the country which is recognised anywhere in the world.

Considering his past Achievements and lots of other awards received since Big Church Groups moved from Accra,Ghana to Abuja and also expanding to Switerland and many other countries like the UK and USA, so also his enviable contribution to Africa’s entrepreneurship growth, there’s no doubt that this is well deserved.

The CEO of Big Church Group, who had over three engagements on the same day, had to fly private Jet to Lagos for an award, to Otokpa in Benin Republic for the programme and finally Owerri to put up appearance as a guest at Kanu Nwankwo launching of Papilo FC in Imo state.

The former Nigeria Captain Kanu Nwankwo also hosted Dr. Churchill Olakunle for a celebration party

Congratulations Amb/Dr. Olakunle Churchill…

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