Best Moments in 2015 – People Share Their Experiences

The year 2015 has come and gradually it will make way for another new year. We all have our different perception of the year and what it had brought to us. As the year ends in less than 48 hours, Akinborewa Gbenga was in town to ask people about their best moments in the year 2015 and here are their words:

Mide Coker: I started work as an OAP on the 1st of June 2015. It was a long-time dream. I don’t know it is going to be that fast. All glory to God


Mide Coker

Lovelyn: I have got so many happy moments in the year. One of the best moments was hanging out with my best male friend, Dan and my beautiful sister, Linda. It was a moment I wished would never end because we were so glad to on another for the very first time.



Ill Mota: The best moments in 2015 were when I penned a music management deal with an A- list company, when my dad and mum remarried after 23 years of divorce, when I got the first major pay cheque from a client who patronised my clothing line and people started taking the line serious even way earlier than I planned and the last but not the least was when I held my sister’s new born baby.


Ill Mota

Ofurie: My best moment was when I got a job at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo.



Dammie: My best moment was getting a new car and getting stable in my relationship .




Rachael: My mom, my goddess. I remembered the day and the date was the 10th May, 2015. She told me that a daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous. Her acceptance on my entertainment career brought tears of joy to my eyes because I never expected it. We should all know that life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.



Olaniyi: The day I got reunited with my colleagues after a distraction in the name of greener pasture.  Secondly, my birthday this year was wonderful. I got a surprised party from my wife. She invited my friends and I did what I have never done before and lastly the day I became a registered publisher.



Jobi: The 25th of December was memorable. I had nice time with my siblings.




Damilola: My best moment was on my graduation. It’s good to be a success. It was a nice experience that will forever be in my memory.



As we await the new year patiently, I pray it brings to us all our good heart desires.



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