Boon Akinsade Clears Medical Bills in celebration of his birthday

The Boon Akinsade Foundation (BAF) as part of the activities to celebrate the founder’s birthday, Boon Akinsade, visited the Mother and Child Hospital in Ondo to clear medical bills of all mothers who gave birth today.

The founder of the Foundation was represented by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation at the event. The Foundation also extended the gesture to others who were hospitalized at the hospital by paying up their outstanding medical bills. With some patients held up at the hospital for weeks for their inability to pay their medical bills.

Akinsade’s gesture of goodwill was met with widespread praise from the community. Many people expressed their gratitude for his generosity and kindness. Akinsade’s actions have inspired a sense of hope and solidarity within the community. His acts of kindness have not only brought immediate relief to the beneficiaries but have also inspired a ripple effect of positive change in the community, fostering an environment where philanthropy and compassion can flourish.

Akinsade is a philanthropist who has a long history of supporting charitable initiatives in Ondo Town. His foundation has provided financial assistance to schools, hospitals, and other community organizations. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of others, and his actions at the Mother and Child Hospital are a testament to his dedication to helping others.

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