Boon Akinsade launches Boon Akinsade Foundation (BAF).

Boon Akinsade, a trailblazing Nigerian-born entrepreneur, academic, and Army veteran. Boon works as an AVP – Information Security with a Fortune 500 company in America. He is also the founder and lead facilitator of Techreconn IT Services (, a company that helps individuals build the skills and experiences necessary to qualify for a wide range of tech and non-tech positions within the Information Technology space. Boon Akinsade while speaking with Ekimogun Miror has noted that the time is right for him to give back to the society and he has concluded plans to launch a foundation which is geared towards providing interventions in Ondo Kingdom.

While speaking from his base in Indianapolis, the Ondo born tech enthusiast explained that the foundation’s goal is geared at delivering all round improved lives to the people of Ondo Kingdom in line with UN Sustainable Goals. In his words “ the mission is to improve the economic and social well-being of the people Ondo Kingdom, particularly the youths, by providing access to necessary social amenities and creating economic opportunities. Our vision is to create a city where poverty is eliminated, hunger is eradicated, good health is ensured, quality education is accessible, clean water is available, and decent work is provided to all. To achieve this, the foundation has adopted the six Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – No poverty, zero hunger, Good health, quality education, clean water, and decent work as a center of focus to guide our efforts towards achieving our vision. We believe that by addressing these SDGs, we can create a sustainable future for our Kingdom and her inhabitants.”

When queried on how he intends to achieve these goals, he further explained that the foundation will start out by launching an awareness campaign, where the Foundation’s mission and vision is well spelt out for people to understand the its genuine intentions. He further added that shortly after an effective awareness, the foundation will roll out social intervention packages for the good people of Ondo Kingdom.

Likewise, Boon Akinsade gave insights into some of the projects to expect which includes “promoting quality education by providing access to learning materials, teacher training, and scholarships to underprivileged children and vocational training programs for youths to help them acquire the necessary skills for better job opportunities”. He also added that “the foundation will invest in building boreholes, wells, and water treatment plants to ensure that clean water is available to everyone. It can also provide education on proper sanitation and hygiene practices to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases”. He also dwelled on the mission of BAF to eradicate poverty amongst the youths by providing “access to funding and technical support for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It will also promote vocational training and skills acquisition programs that will enable youths to acquire skills that are in demand in the local job market” and by investing heavily in Agriculture “the foundation will work towards promoting sustainable farming practices, providing access to improved seeds, fertilizers, and irrigation systems, and supporting farmers’ cooperatives to increase productivity and profitability”.

He concluded by appealing to the good people of Ondo Kingdom to embrace these projects that the foundation is looking to reel out in no time. As these are projects well-tailored to improve living experience and develop human capacities.



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