Buhari’s Floodgates of Special Advisers

Something about president Muhammadu Buhari appointing these new Special Adviser makes my body hitch. It looks more like a presidential bonanza than a serious position to be filled by qualified candidates. Originally, the presidents ask to appoint 18 Special Advisers but we ended up with more that did not show up on the initial list like; Special Adviser to the president on University/Student affairs, Special Adviser to the president on Digital/New Media and Special Adviser on Special People. It just does not play rational.

The president is a nice man that has created avenue for other people in the society to be part of the government rather than to remain unnoticed with their reservoir of knowledge in politics. All the people picked to fill up these positions are yet to declare their assets lol. We barely know anything about them. But if these positions are ceremonial in nature then we ought to know so that all the youths in Nigeria can apply for the position of Special Adviser.

The story of the bread seller took the front page, my balance here is gotten from the average Nigerian who feels favouring one out of a million will help boost self-righteousness. The truth is any youth can be qualified for these positions why choose one, why choose at all? One position has been slatched into three positions. Under media related issues we have Senior Special Assistant Shehu Garba and three Special Advisers; Special Adviser on media and publicity headed by our very own Mr. Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the president on Digital/New Media and Special Assistant to the president on Media Relations and I don’t think the president is done yet.

The focus which is about helping millions of people should not change, creating platforms for equality and helping the country’s standard because I do not want to think the President is doing this because President Obama of United States is doing it. We are not the same, we ought to be reminded. And above all, the government should work on the communication issue between the public and its government for a clearer picture of policies and government activities. Channels Tv does not always have to invite experts on air before we know the implications of the rise or fall in dollar. If only the media has like 3 Seats in government then a question of; why so many without a face? Is appropriate enough. Change was voted for democracy. Change was supposed to be different.

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