…………..By Ogunmokun Oluwaseyitan


I am the voice in the desert, crying “Do your knee work, Nigerians”. Not to be so religious but it’s high time we called on our God. Our blessed Nigeria is sick. Too sick.
How does a foremost oil exporting country go from 65 Naira per litre of fuel to 145 Naira per litre ? How does the ‘Giant’ of Africa, a country of so much agricultural prowess go from 10 Naira for one tomato to 500 Naira for 5? How does a currency go from being equal with the Pounds to being so devalued?
My people, it doesn’t take a divination to recognise that we are in dire need of help and until Nigerians start doing something about this unfortunate change we are not going to recover from this vicious virulent wave that has hit us so hard and we would remain weak and helpless.

“We have the means and the capacity to deal with our problems, if only we can find the political will” – Kofi Anan

If you have been apathetic for so long, not caring about the socioeconomic status of this country, I suggest that for now you please put away such habits.
This is our ‘Jerusalem’, our ‘mecca’, our ‘habitat’. You need to stop being so apathetic and care about it! It is our one true duty as citizens.

This is a wake up call to all Nigerians, either in the country or in diaspora. Your origin would always be your origin even with a million citizenships from other countries. You have our rich blood flowing through your arteries. Nigerians! It is time to call on your source of help; Christian, Muslim and even the in-betweeners. The mantle now rests on us to do our part in changing the current situation of this country. The baton is in our hands and it’s time to run with a common vision of changing the situation in this country.

My personal message to the clerics, Reverends, Pastors, traditionalists is that this is our nation, our one and only heritage; please do not let it perish. Let us set aside our differences, we have only one creator and prosperity can only be evident when there is peace.

‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee’. – Psalms 122:6

I think I speak well when I say we are tired of this Perilous state . Let us direct our supplications to the Supreme Being and Let us work together to make this country a home for hope and light again.

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