Day 1 ‪#‎GatheringOfAchievers2015‬ diary series


I am tired. The picture is not particularly fine. It is never the intention. Took it after a very busy eventful Sunday. I started my ‪#‎GOA2015‬ diary series today. I wanted a visual aid to compliment my effort.The day began as busy as expected. It is exactly seven days to the classiest event ever organized in Ondo city.

Kolade Solace called at exactly 7am to remind me of our scheduled meeting. He has such disregard for the weather. I made the meeting late due to some emotional distraction. The meeting lasted hours. We were able to create a graphics representation of our stage. Beautiful stage. We called more people to confirm participation. Response was as encouraging as ever. We moved to the event venue. Faith hall and hotels. We’ve been trolling the venue daily for weeks now to get inspiration. And we usually do. Daily we make one fine addition or the other to attain near perfection.

It was fun. Today, I didn’t get to see the beautiful models perfecting their arts while familiarising with the stage. I saw the C.E.O of Romol courtuer though. He hinted Tuesday as their next rehearsals. We invited more girls over. And guys too. We racked brains. We talked. We wanted to make sure nobody worth an Achiever has been left uninvited. I suggested Barrister Remigius Akinbinu. I said he is a nice man that appreciates good stuffs. He was at BON Nollywood awards at the Dome in Akure. I’ll get his number. I got it. One of our sonorous voice ladies would call the handsome lawyer tomorrow.

I developed chills after the meeting lapsed. Malaria symptoms are unmistakable . I can’t afford to get ill this week. The team can’t deal. I got home. I met my partner cooking. I’m tired. I just needed to repeat that for effect. I have a diary to update. I began typing amid headache. I miss my FaF WhatsApp friends. Enobong, I miss you. I can’t chat tonight. I ignore few chats of friends too. If it is not #GOA2015, it can wait. I miss my mum. I wonder if other teams have slept. Tomorrow is a busier day.

Ogbeni La for #GOA2015 team.

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