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DG Raises Concerns Over Governor Akeredolu’s Prolonged Absence

The Development Group (DG), a social-political pressure group comprised of active citizens from Ondo State, has expressed deep concern and alarm regarding the continued absence of the Governor, Arakurin Oluwarotim Akeredolu, due to illness.

In a press statement the group called for transparency and accountability from the state government amidst disruptions in governance caused by the Governor’s prolonged absence.

While the DG members extend their prayers for the Governor’s swift recovery, they emphasize the need to address the growing doubts and uncertainties surrounding the governance of the state during his absence.

The Pressure Group urged the Ondo State government to provide timely and accurate information about the Governor’s condition and recovery progress, according to them transparent communication will help alleviate public concerns and maintain trust in the government’s ability to lead effectively.

They also called upon the Deputy Governor and other relevant government representatives to demonstrate strong leadership in the Governor’s absence.

DG urged the government to establish a robust system of checks and balances to prevent potential abuse of authority or neglect of duty while the Governor is away, thereby upholding the principles of good governance and securing public support.

They admonished the citizens of Ondo State, the media, and civil society organizations to remain vigilant and demand transparency from the government “to protect the rights of the populace”.

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