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English Studies Association inaugurates S.R.C.

According to the tradition, S.R.C inauguration comes before C.E.C. inauguration but the C.E.C. inauguration was done about three months ago, while the S.R.C. inauguration was done on Monday, 14th Dec 2015.

The S.R.C. is the Legislative arm of government saddled with responsibility of balancing the activities of the C.E.C. Under the S.R.C, there are 14 Honourable members, two members representing each constituency (NCE I – III and DEG I -IV), after which 5 principal officers will be chosen.


ESA President handing over the constitution to the S.R.C Speaker

One of the principal officers, the RT Honourable Speaker was elected and inaugurated on Monday, 14th Dec. 2015 in person of RT Hon. Sunday Blessing, while other four principals will be elected after the resumption of Deg I and Nce I (Freshers).   The newly elected RT Honourable Speaker Sunday Blessing while speaking with Ekimogun Mirror said “It is a must for every association to have S.R.C. and C.E.C. We have representatives from each constituency (Nce I – III and Deg I – IV) and among us we have the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Clerk, Deputy Clerk and the Chief whip, our election was conducted today and after the election, I was elected the RT Hon. Speaker and our duty is to balance the C.E.C.”


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