Exclusive: Captain Olugboyega Olubiyi denies being a Naval Impostor; threatens to sue Sahara Reporter and The Punch Newspaper for defamation of character!!!!

Following the news report published in the Punch Newspaper on 4th April 2016 at page 4 titled “Naval Captain accused of collecting bribe for investigation” and the subsequent statement released by the Nigerian Navy on 18th April 2016 describing Captain Olugboyega Olubiyi as an impostor, Captain Olugboyega Olubiyi has finally come out to clear the air about the various allegations contained in the news report as well as the Nigerian Navy statement.

Speaking exclusively to Ekimogunmirror via a telephone chat this evening, Mr Olubiyi asserted that contrary to speculations that he belongs to the Nigerian Navy, he is not a member of the Nigerian Navy but belongs to the Merchant Navy. He explained that merchant Navies are like International Navies who are maritime trained and in charge of ships like tankers and service boats whereas the Nigerian Navy is exclusively in charge of warships. He explained further that the Nigerian Navy and the Merchant Navy wears the same uniform hence the misconception by the general public. He however stated that a cursory look at his uniform reveals that the rank on his shoulder has a diamond shape whereas that of the Nigerian Navy is akin to a ball shape. He explained that the Merchant Navy is akin to a private body and does not have any connection with the Nigerian Navy apart from the similarities in the uniform. Mr Olubiyi said he is presently working in a private owned security ship in Chevron Oil field in the Niger Delta and he has been working there for two years.

Still speaking to Ekiogunmirror, Olubiyi stated that his ordeal began when one of his friends called him to enlist his help for Mr Olugbenga Ayeni who had earlier had a business transaction with Mrs Titi Aderemi for the purchase of some hilux buses. He stated that he was informed by his friend that Mrs Aderemi had defrauded Mr Ayeni by refusing to deliver the hilux buses after collecting Ayeni’s money and she is using her husband Prince Aderemi who is a naval officer as a shield to get away with her wicked act.

He stated that he thereafter had a conversation with Mr Ayeni who told him that he is a very rich person and that his cousin (Mrs Aderemi) is trying to dupe him with the aid of her husband who is a naval personnel. He stated further that Mr Ayeni who was a bit tipsy on the day of the conversation offered him the sum of N250, 000.00 for the purpose of boosting his moral in order to ensure that he (Olubiyi) is inspired to get his cousin’s husband sacked. He however told him to hold on to his money as there was no need for that but he should send his cousin’s number to him so that he can talk to her.

He continued that Mrs Aderemi informed him that the bid for the hilux buses was competitive and Mr Ayeni didn’t get the buses because he was unable to pay on time hence he had to settle for other type of buses like Mitsubishi and others. Mrs Aderemi stated that after giving another set of buses to Mr Ayeni, he later told her that he wants to return the buses and she told him that there is no problem and that his money will be refunded to him as soon as they are able to sell the buses. Mrs Aderemi was however unable to resolve the issue with her cousin because he was able to return just two buses out of the three buses given to him.

Mr Olubiyi continued that haven heard both sides, he contacted one of his friends in the Nigerian Navy who told him that the matter is strictly a family matter and does not concern the Nigerian Navy. He thereafter informed both parties to settle amicably but he was unable to resolve the issue as Mr Ayeni was adamant on ensuring that Prince Aderemi gets punished by the Nigerian Navy and after getting tired of the issue, he washed his hands off the matter.

Mr Olubiyi expressed that to his surprise, Mr Ayeni subsequently called him and accused him that he sent him a mobilization fee of N100, 000.00 to do a job and he failed to do it. He denied this allegation and challenged Mr Ayeni to produce any evidence of such payment but he said he sent it through his friend. Months later, Mr Ayeni informed him via a text message on 3rd April 2016 that he should check The Punch Newspaper of the next day and to his surprise, he saw the report on Page 4 of The Punch Newspaper of 4th April 2016 accusing him of collecting the sum of N100, 000.00 from Mr Ayeni. He also expressed serious dissatisfaction about the publication of the Nigerian Navy’s Statement on Sahara Reporters describing him as an impostor.

He said he has spoken with his legal team and will institute a civil case against Mr Ayeni, Sahara newspaper and The Punch Newspaper for defamation of character. He expressed serious dismay that the aforementioned News Agencies published defaming news about him without contacting him to confirm the veracity of such news as there is no evidence that he collected money from Mr Ayeni.

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