Exclusive! Inside Bar192, Yorkshire’s Nigerian Socialites & Celebrities Hangout In the UK….


When it comes to exclusive entertainment, the Ondos within the country and diaspora are well known for this. Ondo born Fadayomi Abiola, CEO SOSLIMM Entertainment who has received accolades both home and abroad as one of the best party planners in UK gave us an insight into life at Bar 192, Yorkshire U.K. A visit to Bar192 could be the best gift for lovers this weekend as we celebrate Valentine.



Bar192 is located in Shoreham Street in the heart of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The bar is renowned for its Unique  entertainment style in the UK and it is a beautiful Place where all the big guys, top-notch International  students, business men & women  converge for some fun and quality AfroUrban / Afro -beat music sharing the “gala and the booze”. To the International students’ community in the UK, BAR192 Sheffield, UK is described as the ”AFRO HOUSE OF FUN ” and should be the first option for The Nigerian / International students seeking a classy night out in Yorkshire. The famous bar has a huge variety of live entertainment & top DJs keeping everyone moving with a party mix of lively tunes. Specially spiced up for your enjoyment is the every Last Saturday of the month Event Tagged ”#SEXYSATURDAYS hosted by the CEO of SOSLIMM Entertainments UK, Fadayomi Abiola popularly called Duke Of Yorkshire by his fans. In his words, he said ”We take pride in what we do & it is our duty to go that extra mile and deliver you with only the quality Night Life experience you can ever imagine”. If you’re looking for a new hangout with the entire basement In Yorkshire, UK, VIP party vibes you could wish for, BAR192, Sheffield   will show you the dark and luxurious world of exclusive clubbing in Yorkshire. For an ultimately glamorous night out with all the trimmings of debauchery, drinks and dancing, BAR192 Sheffield will take care of you until the sun comes up.  If you are lucky to be in Yorkshire hit the bar to find delectable exotic cocktails at pocket prices – punchy concoctions start off at just £6.45! And after you’ve sunk a few back, dance the night away as the Talented DJ spins the Latest Bangers in Afrobeats ,Hiphop, Rnb & lots more.

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You can see exclusive pictures of life at BAR192 below:

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