Famous Kids and Jibby Jabba Talks; Story Of Wizkid Against Linda Ikeji

This is actually the second time it is happening. I once remembered Olamide Baddoo jumping on her nose when she wrote about his girlfriend being pregnant at that time and now, Wizkid does not want us to know he is being evicted but when he was dating Tania Omotayo, he was happy we all knew.

No matter how rich or comfortable one gets, there is always two sides to all things in life. Wizkid’s attack on Linda Ikeji makes it obvious that he is so ashamed of himself as a celebrity people look up to. I don’t know why they prefer people having headache believing they are all that, when they are really not better. It will be better for everyone if the real person is being portrayed at all times.

For him to stoop so low talking about stinking things of the classy mama got me itching all over with laughter. Common Wizkid! I’m sure she did not mean any bad blood just reporting what we all crave to hear about how you all are doing up there.

Linda Ikeji has lost good friends over the years because of the dirt she puts out on all of them that seem to be true, but that has not brought her down and I don’t think it will. A simple advice to these famous kids; when it seem your image is being dragged in the mud, come out and clear the coast for your PR sake, better good for everybody and plus, you can sleep well instead of taking out the aggression on your key pad.

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