#FloxyDeko2016: Florence and Shola fascinating Love Story

They say the love chemistry pulls from two different sides of the world. These two found themselves right in the middle of it. Shola and Florence met by Shola’s mother’s bed side as Florence was a student nurse on her practical course at the hospital. Florence caught a glimpse of Shola’s as a caring guy who will leave everything to be and tend to his sick mum. She got enchanted by the caring charm in this man.

Little did Florence know that Shola also had his own emotions brewing inside of him. As soon as the caring hearted guy’s mum was discharged, Shola had another surprise for the family as he has been able to convince mom’s caring nurse to date him.

The love has grown, stood the test of time and confident to go further as they tie the knot and who can stop them really? We wish them no recovery from the spell of love as these two preach us the gospel of love from their very soul.

Ondo City get ready to celebrate with this lovely couple on the 12th November, 2016 at St. Mathew’s Catholic Church Oke-Padre and entertainment of guest at the Ariya Event Centre Sabo.#FloxyDeko2016.

Check their lovely pre-wedding pictures immediately after the cut.

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