They say a football striker who is waiting for a perfect angle and a perfect goal, will not end up scoring any goal. This president government makes me remember the past bad governments. The fight against terrorism, fund looters, empty treasury, deduction of unexplainable funds in our accounts, fuel scarcity that has reduced Nigerian to trekking long distance from work and we look up and see their jets flying daily, no salary, high cost of living and now the president says he will take his time to check the budget.

Since November last year, the nation have waited for the budget to be passed and now, the president delays it again for how long? We don’t know. The implication of all these is that, we don’t know when that contract will be awarded, so we don’t know when our boss will pay us, meaning we don’t know when we will get that school fees paid and we might not be able to fuel our cars for a while and we don’t know how long we have to live with buying a sachet of water for ten naira or the fuel for Two Hundred and Seventy Naira. There is nothing giving us a clue of how long we will continue with all these.

The last thing we can afford is a president that slumped without signing a budget, that is bad enough. Let us all pray for our president at this time. But the best advice here is to do one thing at a time. You can try to kill a bee buzzing in your ears but it will be hard to face the thousands coming towards your direction. When that time comes all you want to do is to dock.

God bless Nigeria.

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