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Grow Your Child

This is for our parents who probably are still young parentally and as a result are just raising their young wards, There are some common ideas used in this our own part of the world which isn’t applicable in other westernized nations maybe because of their high level of advancement and maturity and our own lofty level of ignorance. In the meantime, We would like to highlight some key points on how to grow your child especially your female child in consonance with common happenings in our environment.

1. Some parents are very bleak when it comes to being observant so much that they make light of certain things their kids tell them, most especially their female kids. However, learn this today that if your daughter on any occasion comes to you to complain about a particular person, Never ignore their complaints instead take it up and show them you can defend them at anytime. It goes a distance in breeding confidence in them that they can always trust you to be there for them.

2.The Nigerian parents are fond of doing this, Never you force your child to visit any adult he/ she is not comfortable with. Also if you take the slightest notice that your child, especially  your female child is getting too fond of a particular adult male, Be careful to keep watch on her.

3. Take cognisance when your ever vibrant and lively child suddenly becomes withdrawn, You might just need to sit him/her down and ask some questions. She might be going through a lot.

4. Babies and Tots know next to nothing, But when your child begins to grow up , Even as early as 2-3 years old, Do avoid getting dressed in front of them, Learn to excuse them or yourself.

5. This is another common one, Ordinarily some would say it’s no big deal but believe me because it’s a damn big deal. Never allow your child especially your female child no matter how young sit on men’s laps or even anyone if need be. Uncles inclusive.

6. As your wards grow up, Learn to carefully educate them on the right values of sex because if you don’t, the society would teach them the wrong values. Take note, This is very crucial.

7. Finally, Practically every parent want their children to become a force to be reckoned with positively, However you can instill this trait in them when they are growing up. Teach your children the core values of standing out of the crowd, This would go a long way in making them belief in themselves even when they come against stern competition or opposition.

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