IreSeun2016: Our Sweet Love Story.

1. How did you meet?
We met on Facebook some years back, though we’ve been friends on Facebook since 2011 but we never exchanged pleasantries until June 6, 2015, the chat was initiated by me.

After that, the embers of love within us was fanned by mutual attractions and we became so fond of each other.

Seeing the love growing, we saw the need to make it formal, we notified our parents and we decided to have our Intro.

Irewamide is from Okeigbo in Ondo State, a town a part of me happened to come from.


We actually met on Facebook after 5years of friendship, he initiated the chat that wonderful evening.

2. What attracted you
The attraction was her simplicity.
All my life i had always crave for a simple lady owing to the sensitivity of marriage and you sabi wetin all these girls wey dey outside can be up to, so when I met her the first attraction was simplicity and her ability to love me for who I am.

What actually attracted me was his fluency and confidence
Like when we got talking or chatting I loved the fact that he was confident in chatting with me and it was like we’ve known each other for ages…. He was really connecting like he met me before and I couldn’t help but to be charmed by that.

3. How did you know that she/he is the ‘One’
You can imagine, the first time she came to my house, i was living in a face me and face you house, with a toilet and bathroom built with slabs. Many ladies would look at me as not being responsible and not ready for marriage but I didn’t see it on her face..
Instead she’ll always encourage me and many times she’ll call me to remind me she believes so much in me and knows I have a great future.

As for me it was a deliberate thing for me to stay in that kinda house until I meet my wife to be… I have always had this notion that any lady that I’ll marry must love my humble background and Irewamide happens to pass that test.

To the glory of God I have moved to a good apartment and I can say we’re so lucky to have found each other.

After so much communication we became so close like we have been together for years, there was no pretence and everything was going on well and smoothly beyond our imagination… I prayed over it and also with the assistance of my sister in Christ though there was a prophesy like that before in my church ‘Winners Chapel, Ibadan…..
He is not perfect but he is just exceptional and my perfect match.

4. The Proposal
I proposed to her in a rather uncommon way. On that faithful day, I traveled to Ibadan without notifying her and I called her to join me in a popular market and after she got there I showed her the ring I just bought for her in the market and I knelt down to ask if she’ll marry me.
Everyone in the market was thrilled about my theatrical display of proposing to her.
Her response was not far fetched… She replied with a clattering ‘YES’.

Hmm! the proposal was very very passionate n special. He proposed to me in a very uncommon way… He traveled down to ibadan without notifying me and called me to join him in Aleshinloye market of Ibadan and after i got there he knelt down with a ring in his hand and ask if I will marry him
Wow! wow!! wow!!! I felt so much like a Queen without hesitation I shouted YES
Everybody in the market was filled with happiness and I held him up with a cool hug, it was a wonderful moment

5. Advice to all single guys/ladies
Well my advice for the single guys is that they should give marriage a thought as it carries a lot of blessings.
I have started enjoying it even before starting the journey.
And i believe it’ll only get better
We can achieve a lot when we’re two ✌Leviticus 26 vs 28.

Single ladies out there should know that everything is not about money and material things.
Ladies should stop been materialistic and be patient, am proud to confirm the proverb that says “Patience is a virtue”.
And not all men are the same because My Prince Charming a complete different man, not in anyway like any of my exs.

Congratulations to IreSeun2016
#perfect ?

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