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Love Thrills -Episode 10

love thrills10

If you ask me why Raymond is this desperate i’ll tell you I know, It’s simply down to rapacity and high voracity for what is not his’,  In our daily activities in Life, Living a greed free life will go a long way in keeping us out of trouble.

Anyway, let’s continue from the last Episode. Raymond drove along the Estate lane speedlessly as he thought to himself. However, After some deep thinking he concluded on what to do.

“I think I know what to do, i’ll prove to Tony that Debbie isn’t the Angel he hitherto thought she is…Come to think of it, Why hasn’t Tony introduced her to me since I came back? “.
He smiled as he said to himself. For several days, He decided not to call Tony or even pay him a visit, and Tony being a highly scheduled man never thought of calling Raymond also, So coincidentally they didn’t get to check on each other. Although Tony would never skip a day without speaking with her heartrob Debbie.  I wouldn’t blame him and am sure you wouldn’t either, They say where a man’s treasure is, there his heart lies.

One fateful weekend, Debbie was in their launderette washing her clothes when she got a call on her phone, She quickly dipped her hand into her right pocket to pick her phone thinking it was Tony but to her surprise it wasn’t Tony but rather it was a private number. She looked baffled and before she knew it the call had dropped. She wasn’t sure who could be calling her with a private number. She was about getting back to her shore when the private caller called again, Nevertheless she decided to pick and after listening to the caller for few seconds she asked to know who was calling her.
“Please who am I speaking with”?
It was definitely Raymond who was calling and he responded from the other end requesting to have a private meeting with Debbie, Knowing fully well that Debbie might not oblige, He lied to her saying the proposed meeting was for business purposes,
“I am actually calling to have a short meeting with you in respect to a proposal i’d like to bring to your corporation”
He lied, and Debbie responded
” That’s okay but if it’s for business like you said, i’ll advise you come to our office on Monday morning, That way it would remain official”
She wisely suggested. Meanwhile after much persuasion from Raymond whose identity still remains anonymous to Debbie, She decided to meet with him. Afterwards Raymond promised to send the address of their meeting venue to her which he did as soon as their phone conversion was over.

Debbie however wasn’t keen on the meeting but had no choice since she already promised to honour the appointment. She wasn’t quite familiar with the venue sent to her by Raymond and so she went straight upstairs to Timi’s room to show him the address perchance he’d know thhe venue. He knocked on her brother’s door which apparently locked from behind indicating he was right in. She got a response from Timi who rushed up from his bed to open the door, Debbie hopped in leaving the door ajar as she quickly showed Timi the address on her phone “Hey brother, do you have any idea where this place is “She asked her brother who responded with certainty
” Of course I do, but if I may ask, what are going there to do and I just hope you won’t be returning to your house today ? ” He asked sharply.

“I’ll hint you when am back brother and of course not, am not going today” Debbie replied with a calm smile and so Timi quickly described the place as Debbie nodded seldomly to show her raptness. In no time she was set, She picked her car keys and made for the door. She called on the gatekeeper who rushed to open the gate, She ignited her glimming black coloured Toyota Rav4 car and without much velocity she drove out of their compound.

To be Continued…

You have been reading Love Thrills series and am sure you wouldn’t like to miss out on the Final Episode…It promises to be quite captivating!!!

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