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Love Thrills -Episode 7

love thrills 7

Shontelle isn’t a money or fashion freak but she obviously loves good things, She is just one spoilt brat who often gets away with everything. As a matter of fact, She loves being spoilt, Being cared for and of course being pampered. And if anything at all, all of these are what she gets from her siblings, She is never too scared to dabble into any conversation going on among her elder siblings because she beliefs she knows enough to contribute to whatever they might be discussing. So in that mansion of theirs’, she equally has a say.
After officially meeting Debbie’s Siblings, Tony was more than confident that he had picked the right woman. They started up from there and kept on enjoying every moment they shared together.
Debbie’s day wouldn’t be complete without her receiving Tony’s calls at several times during the dat day, Even while at work he still carves out time to speak with her to know how well she’s faring. Without mincing words, this two love themselves real good. They would go shopping together, Go sightseeing and seldomly Shontelle would hangout with them too.
After few months of their smooth relationship, Tony was at work One day skimming through some files which he held in his hand when suddenly his mobile phone rang, he flipped the brown colored file aside to check who was calling, It was his girlfriend Debbie, He always found it difficult to hide his delight when it comes to anything pertaining to Debbie, he picked as he smiled, “Hello my love” he said, and before he could utter another word, Debbie popped in… “I hope you are doing good at work dear?, I just called to check up on you” Debbie responded. Tony replied positively and told her he telling would also call her soonest. That has been their usual attitude whenever they are apart, They would always call each other.
Meanwhile, After dropping the call, Tony picked up the file which he was checking through before Debbie’s call came in. He nodded his head as he kept on checking and after few minutes his phone rang again and. Before checking to see who the caller was, he said to himself aloud “that would be Debbie again”, But as he picked his phone, the caller turned out to be Raymond. He was so glad and eager to speak with Raymond who had traveled to the East for some weeks, Raymond however accused him of not calling him since he went on the trip, Tony in reply kept on apologizing as he blamed his lack of call on the work load at the office, However, Raymond laughed hysterically from the other end and told Tony he would be coming back to Lagos soon.
Meanwhile, Tony was itching to tell him he was already dating Debbie, but Raymond kept on gisting him about how many girls he had stylishly hooked where he was, far in the Eastern part of the Country.

After a couple of days Raymond was back to Lagos, Immediately he drove into town he called Tony to inform him of his arrival and  how they would see at their favorite fun spot in town later that evening.

When it was near dusk, Raymond called Tony’s mobile to tell him he was already there and that he would be expecting him, Tony responded, Telling him he was just about driving out of the house when his call came in. The relaxation venue was just about 25minutes drive or thereabout from Tony’s place. Before he got there, Raymond already ordered for a bottle of chilled beer which he was sipping from a beer mug positioned in front of him. His beer was barely half way down the bottle when Tony drove into the premises.

He stood up as Tony approached him with a grin on his face evidently showing how happy he was, They shook and hugged each other with smiles on their faces, Spilling out a couple of friendly slangs. They sat and Tony asked him how his trip went as he equally beckoned on the waitress passing by. He demanded for a specific brand of beer which the waitress nodded and went to get. Within a blink, his beer was in front of him with a mug accompanying it.

They sipped their drinks and talked with lots of chatters and laughs and after taking a couple of drinks each, Tony finally hinted Raymond about his relationship with Debbie. Ray was about taking a sip from his mug when Tony told him the news, He abruptly stopped and dropped the drink. You must be kidding he asked, And tony replied that he wasn’t, he told him they were 5months gone. After few seconds of pause, Raymond smiled and hailed tony as the boss.
However, it was gradually getting late and they both agreed to leave the premises, Tony called on the waitress, footed their bills and they both left in their cars after bading each other goodbye. That night, Raymond kept wondering how Tony managed to woo Debbie, because ordinarily Tony was a very coy person who normally required his help to talk to any lady of his choice. Most times Raymond would approach those ladies and play his antics for his benefits at the detriment of  Tony, and seldomly he would represent Tony especially when he feels such ladies would pose a problem for him, Afterwards he would come back to inform Tony of their disapproval. A Fox ship attitude you would call it but he doesn’t do this when it comes to business though, not even does he do it when it pertains to money matters but When it comes to ladies, Ray could be undoubtedly very list.

To be continued..

What’s Up next?…follow the next episode of Love Thrills to unriddle!

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