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Love Thrills- Episode 8


love thrills8

Several days rolled by and as the days passed by, The two love birds kept loving each other, Their love kept burning like a fueled lamp such that it culminated into a stage where Tony felt there was need for them to let their parents know about their relationship, Mean whilst Debbie had earlier foretold her elder brother,  Timi of her intentions to keep their parents abreast of her relationship with Tony, Timi on the other hand supported the idea. “But you really need to take ample time for you to know Tony well enough” He advised. This prompted a soft chuckle from Debbie who smiled and replied “I understand, but I just feel he is a good guy and he loves me, although i’ll try to keep a watchful eye on him anyway” she replied.

After some days, Tony was in his living room playing console game when suddenly his phone rang, He picked the phone which was right beside him on the couch, It was Raymond who was calling, “Hey Ray” he said with Raymond responding from the other hand of the phone, he mumbled a few words and eventually told him he would be coming over to his place in the next hour. Tony was perplexed, he hasn’t seen or heard Raymond talk that calmly in a long while, He was utterly puzzled and couldn’t quite infer the reason why he sounded so cold. “What could be wrong with Ray?” He soliloquized. He thought for few seconds and got back to his game which he was enjoying before the call came in.

However, After busying himself for sometime with the video game he was engrossed in, He soon became famished and made for the kitchen, literally he was blank as to what to prepare for lunch but after a while he picked a pack of pasta from the cabinet and soon began to cook, It’s one of those delicacies that doesn’t take a toll before it’s done. Once he was done with the preparation, He decided to have a quick wash because he was feeling rather sticky. He was in the shower when Raymond drove in, He could deduce with the sound of his Car horn and so he hurriedly washed up in an attempt not to keep Raymond waiting.

Elsewhere, Raymond was already unwinding with the console game Tony was playing moments ago. After some minutes Tony’s phone rang and Raymond quicky picked it as he called on Tony notifying him of his incoming call, “Just ignore the call” Tony shouted from the bathroom. Meanwhile, as soon as the phone stopped ringing, he scrolled through it for some time and later dropped it on the glass table placed in the middle of the living room. Soon Tony was back to the living room, “My Nigga! ” he hailed Raymond who gave a cool smile. They shook hands and slightly hugged each other. Afterwards, Tony picked up a bottle of wine from the small bar at one end of the living room, It was one of the best Italian wines he had bought on one of his trips outside the Country, Raymond chortled as he popped up the wine as they both laughed, “You’ll definitely love this wine man” Tony said, “You too get mouth” replied Raymond in pidgin. They both sipped from their wine cups and after a couple of talks about Raymond’s trip, Tony requested to know why he sounded relatively cold over the phone when he called.

“We’ve been friends for a decent long time now and you can be sure I want the very best for you”, Raymond started. Tony looked at him sternly with a bit of confusion visibly written on his face “Of course I know you want the best for me, but what are you driving at Ray?” He asked. Raymond still holding his wine glass dropped it and sat properly to show how serious he is about what he was about to say. “It’s about your girlfriend Debbie, I seem not too comfortable with her because I feel she isn’t the ideal lady for you” He said looking downwards. Tony however looked even more confused as he stood up and roamed the living room before coming back to sit on the edge of one of the sofas in the living room. “But Ray you haven’t even met this lady but here you are talking about being comfortable with her, seriously I do not understand you at all and come to think of it, why are you saying all these? ” Tony asked.

To be continued

You wouldn’t want to miss the next Episode…Is there gonna be more love or loathe or perhaps a fight. Episode 9 would decide!

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