Nigeria The Country That Dances Off-Beat

For a while now, the country has followed a pattern of finding solutions after multiple occurrences. Like they wait for citizens to blow the alarm before they know help is needed and even after all these slow approach, they still make some mistakes.

Take for instance, some people were caught by the Nigerian army as Boko Haram members only to say they were released because they are not members anymore. So, how sure are we that the right people are caught? The Nigerian navy reported two cases one of pirates hijacking the Nigerian vessel and the second about immigrants entering into Nigeria illegally. If our boarders have no security how can we have security within?

Chibok girls were kidnapped before and recently three girls were kodnapped in Lagos another repetition in occurence.

How can we be thinking of bringing in investors when we can not prove victory over insecurity or opt power supply and high tariff or economy’s back against the wall? How can the cart go before the horse and we expect it to move?

A critical example is when we invite a visitor over to our house and we say “you are invited into our home, but just be careful because the rats can bite your legs if you don’t cover up well when you sleep”.

We have to know how to dance the jazz music playing in our yard well enough before we go ask the neighbor to teach us how to dance blues, because mere trying to dance to both will surely go off beat.

God bless Nigeria, God bless our darling President. God bless EkimogunMirror.

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