Not Too Young To Govern

The last Presidential election readily comes to mind. We had options. We weren’t short of alternatives among the contestants jostling for Aso Rock. Yet, for some inexplicable reasons that still defer logic,  even the most informed of us somehow narrowed our choice to either the incumbent, Dr Goodluck Jonathan or the  tried, tested but untrusted General, Muhammad Buhari. I remember wondering why the feminists among us couldn’t consider the  KOWA party flagbearer, the highly cerebral Prof Remi Sonaiya worthy of our votes. Almost two years after, we’ve been left to rue the folly of our wisdom.

In Ondo state as we head for a forthcoming gubernatorial election, the same scenario is playing up again. We have options. We are not short of alternatives among the contestants jostling for Alagbaka. This is where I shift my address to the youths in particular. We must not narrow our choice down to ” the least of three evils”. I have always campaigned for active youth participation in governance. I have always believed there’s little you can effect in a process you are not part of. I have always believed our numerical strength is enough determinant factor to take our destiny into our hands as youths.

This is why it gladdens my heart that one among us has deferred the odds to make himself available for service as a gubernatorial candidate under the Young Democratic Party in the forthcoming Ondo election. This is a huge step we must compliment with our support and votes. This signals the beginning of our liberation. As for me and my friends, I choose to be part of this liberation. I choose to support a youth like me. I choose to support and vote for Otunba Anthony Adeniranye.

I implore all eligible youths in Ondo state to join in this noble cause. The Light has come. The time is now!

Ogbeni La

Akure, Ondo state.


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