Photos: Ekimogun Michigan Club 2015 End of the Year Party

There is no place you will go in the world that you won’t find Ondo functions taking shape. Ekimogun sons and daughters are always making their presence known where ever they are in the world. Just like the Ekimogun 2015 End of the Year Party that was held in Michigan, United States.

The club was started with the intentions of bringing together Ondo sons and daughters. It turned into a legitimate club that brings awareness of Ondo culture into an American society. Ekimogun Michigan takes part in every major event in the United Sates, especially the Independent Day Celebration on July 4th.

Ondos might be far from home but home is never far from them. We are proud people. We are proud of our heritage, our language and our culture. Check some pictures of the event.

Credit: Abayomi Awosika (Michigan USA)

Ekimogun Pic011Ekimogun Pic008 (2)

Ekimogun Pic007

Ekimogun Pic005

Ekimogun Pic010 (1)

Ekimogun Pic009 (1)

Ekimogun Pic001Ekimogun Pic002

Ekimogun Pic003

Ekimogun Pic004 Ekimogun Pic006 (1)

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