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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 10


“This is one thing I do not condone in my Palace, I see my maids as part of this royal household because they all represent a sort of support and assistance to us and I can say it categorically that neither the Prince nor myself do find faults with them_ they are family too… Furthermore, Alimah has been in this Palace for years, She has been one of my most trusted maids. I know her to be someone with an impeccable character and as such she couldn’t have done something wrong and even if she did you shouldn’t have raised your hand against her. My dear Princess Cara, I want you to apologize to her this minute” King Zaki said comprehensively without mincing words. The Prince meanwhile was standing aloof leaning on the door post linking the kitchen with the balustrade. Everyone was pregnant with the idea of what would happen, of course it was only proper for the Princess to apologize but she saw no reasons to apologize to a common maid.

“Am sorry my king, But she’s just a maid and I am a Princess…and not just any princess but the shining light of the Kingdom of Gaza. I do not understand how you expect me in my full regalia to stoop low as to begging or referencing a common maid _ a mere maid. Well, Am so sorry to disappoint you my King, but I cannot do that. Perhaps the Prince or anyone could do it on my behalf”. She stated surprisingly, looking the other way afterwards. It seems all and sundry are now having a taste of Princess Cara’s sour pill of diss and absolute misbid, The King was shocked to the brim, the Prince was practically lost, The maids were completely stunned. Everyone wearing a different kind of awkward facial expression. Meanwhile the Prince who was already boiling and humming for words couldn’t bare not to talk even though everybody was still in a state of bewilderment.

“Cara, can you explain to me in one word what this is all about?, I mean are you trying to tell me you’re flouting my father’s order. What has come over you and sincerely are you always like this?” He asked menacingly and If the princess’ action was surprising, the prince was even more baffled that he got no response for his questions. ” Will you answer me” _Prince Hosni yelled angrily. By this time the King had apoplectically left the kitchen vestibule  for his hall upstairs, He looked so enraged and disturbed as he left. The Prince who demanded a response from the Princess was still staring directly in her direction even though the maidens were already back to their chores. The Princess didn’t utter a single word, she just kept mumbling and looking into the space.

It was the highest level of gross disrespect from the Princess. One insult too many, especially when your father in law is the one in the picture. However, she saw she was no longer welcomed as she had already short lived her stay singlehandedly and it now looked evident that she had overstayed her welcome. As soon as it was the morning of the next day she left King Zaki’s Palace and traveled back to Gaza without even informing the Prince let alone the King. The Prince who saw her maids packing her luggage could only watch from his window, Afterwards he took his robe and wore it on a white low – cut neck vest which he was having on before, He made for the exit door and just as he was stepping out of his room he stumbled on Zianah who was one of the Princess’ maid who was occupied the unpacking. Prince Hosni quickly stopped her in a bid to have a chat with her.

“I presume you are one of the Princess’ maid” he asked and Zianah nodded in accedence  looking uneasy, She wanted to leave at once because she knew too well how mad at her the Princess could be.

“Am sorry I do not intend to take your time but i’d like to know somethings about the princess, Please just spare me few minutes…firstly, Is she always that rude? and secondly, do you think she loves me or does she have someone else somewhere? ” Prince Hosni asked smartly.

“My Prince, It’s really not in my place to discuss my princess with anyone but am only going to oblige you because you are her man and you are of royalty too. Princess Cara is a very complex person, She is the only shining light of our Kingdom and so the gets away with whatever she puts up and she musnt be scolded or checkmated. And as for your second question, The Princess doesn’t have any other man, as a matter of truth I have never seen her with any man since my years of serving her in the Palace _ Am sorry my Prince but I have to run now” Zianah said as she bowed to take her leave. She dragged the luggage as she ran along. The Prince could only stare into the space obviously in deep thought with his arms folded. In no time the Princess was out of the premises and off she left with her convoy to Gaza.

Her father was really furious at her, she wasn’t expected back any early, He sarcastically requested to know why the princess came back to Gaza earlier than proposed just as if he didn’t know beforehand. His friend, the king of Suez had already called to notify him of his daughter’s show of shame and he absolutely made glaring his disappointment at the Princess who she was meeting for the first time. No one should be surprised at the Princess’ level of gross misbid, it is one of such things that occurs when a child gets too much of mollycoddling. Attributes such as misrespect, discorteousness, lack of sensitivity and egoism has eaten deep into her system and has now formed part of sheer chemistry and she better be left alone to rule her lone world because it was apparent that any attempt to scold or talk her into changing her weird behaviour would only serve as an addendum to her already spoilt being.

The Princess couldn’t utter any convincing statement to salvage herself, all she did was mumble some argots that weren’t understandable, afterwards she excused herself and beckoned on her maids to follow suit as she kept on speaking inaudibly while she made for her quarters.


The Prince visits Gaza yet again…But this time, why?, Episode 11 has it all.

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