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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 13


It was a bitter night for everyone connected to the Suez royal family. Maybe it could well be the very last straw that would do damage to the camel’s back but then the princess was actively stoic and she looked unyielding not minding the horrible looks on everyone’s faces. All she kept doing repeatedly was stroke and pun with her well adorned long apparel, the one they call ‘sari’. After much a long stretch of silence in the room the Prince stood and went straight to where his father was seated and whispered inaudibly to his ears as he nobly took permission to leave for his room. Just as he was stepping out of the room she spotted Zianah at the door post, She was stationed there on the commands of the Princess and there she was before the Prince saw her. She bowed to reference Prince Hosni who softly patted her on the shoulder before hurriedly dashing for his room.

That night the Prince locked himself up in his room all through the night as he eagerly awaited the visit of the  goddess of fertility. The princess  never stopped banging hard on his door for him to open up, even though all her screams and bangs fell on Prince Hosni’s deaf ears. In no time it was dawn of the following day. The Prince was more than mad with the princess, Maybe everyone was already getting accustomed to her usual ‘off the chain’ attitude, this time she acted more like someone who was demented.

She practically gave every single soul associated with the Palace a run for their money starting from the Prince to his father and down to chiefs not excluding the palace maids and guards. Knowing quite well she was not to be touched, they all kept watching in astonishment. She not only insulted the prince, she slapped him just as he was decending the stairs leading to the ground floor of the Palace.

“Oh well, there he is…Cheat of a prince, I never knew you were this randy all along. I should have known better that this is what Suez is all about _ Sleeping with gods and goddesses”. She rudely uttered after she had heavily slapped the prince who could do nothing but to watch on in pain and anguish. The King also stared on in amazement from the veranda upstairs. Afterwards, she ordered her maids to get their bags and baggages as they get set for Gaza.

The princess didn’t waste anytime before she left King Zaki’s Palace for her hometown. This time she explained everything that transpired to her father as soon as they arrived Gaza, Her father wasn’t pleased with her but  he took time to explain the sameness between Gaza and Suez when it comes to tradition.

“I must let you know that am nowhere near impressed with you for what you’ve done. I still feel you shouldn’t have gone that far, Maybe you do not know that our tradition and that of Suez is almost similar, You see _ If you were to be a man which would naturally mean you’re a prince, the exact same thing would have been done before you officially get married…Am not happy with such unruly behaviour of yours and I mean every bit of it” Her father highlighted his displeasure before leaving her in the hall for his chambers in obvious anger.

Several days rolled by, the Prince never said a word to the princess, no calls or texts from both parties. Apparently the Princess being the proud entity that  she is would never apologize to the prince even when she knows her actions were wrong and uncalled for. After few days from thence the Prince of Suez travelled into Gaza in what was a surprise visit, maybe it wasn’t his trip wasn’t baffling but the fact that he drove all the way from Suez all alone without his guards or maidens. As soon as he alighted from the car, he went straight into the Palace hall where the King was graciously seated on his throne. He bowed to him in reference and the king subsequently welcomed him into his Palace once again. Athough surprised to see him, the king was careful not show make his bewilderment apparent.

“You are welcome my son, I am glad to see you once again and am also sorry for my daughter’s actions towards you and your entire household _ do pardon her on my behalf” The king apologized.

News got to the princess that the Prince of Suez was in the Palace and thereafter she hurriedly made for the Palace hall with her maids and two of her guards, Her presence in the hall coincided with that of three of the kingdom’s senior chiefs who had only come to pay the king a courtesy visit. It was only expected that the princess made amends by begging the Prince for forgiveness but the arrogant spirit in her wouldn’t allow her, She just sat gallantly on one of the sofas in the hall as she fumbled her robe, All she did was to stare at the prince who sat directly opposite to her at the other end of the hall. The prince was so impetuous, he wanted to clear his mind about everything between the princess and himself. As soon as everybody got into their seats he dropped the bombshell.

“I want to greet everyone seated here today…from the King of this wonderful kingdom to the chiefs, the maidens and everyone else. I really don’t know how to put this (he continued as he constantly looked from one person to the other) but I just hope am able to voice out my message in the best possible way. My king, I believe I have shown my nobility and civility to the highest degree and as such i’m afraid I can’t continue with my relationship with Princess Cara _ it’s ominous we don’t look like a perfect match, So I’ll suggest we just walk as it is”.

Squints of surprises was evident on everyone’s faces after the Prince’s frustrating speech, they all looked dumbfounded and worrisome. King Mido was short of words, he bowed his head in total dejection. Even if everyone was abreast of the Princess’ excesses and denting attitudes, they never expected the Prince to ditch her in such fashion. Nevertheless there wasn’t much to say, the Prince appeared like someone who had ruminated over and over again before coming to such firm conclusion. After few moments when it looked like nobody was willing to talk, He took a quick glance at the princess who sat back like someone ready to vomit venom, She suddenly looked all plumped up as if she would explode the next minute. She didn’t look sober though instead she was wearing a look that can be clipped to someone who is willing to cause more troubles and anarchy. However the Prince quickly summed up his talk which apparently represented the final nail in princess Cara’s coffin. The prince apologized to anyone he could have wronged with his speech but  he equally made them realise that he had his mind made up and nothing was going to change his decisions. Afterwards he lay before the king and begged him to allow him take Zianah for a wife, He described her as a dove whose calmness would give him a new lease of life.

“My King, I know my request might sound rather irking but please I beg your majesty to give me your permission to go ahead with my wish. I beg of you my king, Allow me take your maid Zianah as my wife, She understands me perfectly and I think I find her quite lovable _ Please my king” The prince begged profusely.

It was a really zany scenerio. The princess couldn’t believe her eyes that were now so puffy. Zianah was surprised, she never expected the prince to pull up such stunt even though they’ve been close and most times the prince found solace talking to her whenever the princess frustrates him. The king had no choice but to oblige the prince considering their relationship and knwoing fully well that his daughter was the root cause of all that transpired. Prince Hosni slowly went to Zianah who was standing behind the Princess, She looked startled, The princess stood and stormed into the alley leading to her quarters in anger. It was a perfect reward for arrogance and discourteuosness. She couldn’t have been taunted any better, the news of the discarded princess ran faster than a Jet across the neighboring towns and hamlets. Zianah became the choice of everyone, the king was dejected but was also happy for Zianah who he has groomed like a daughter all along. She was taken to Suez and the necessary traditions were carried out and in no time was bethroted to the Prince and the together they enjoyed every bit of their matrimony.

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed every single episode of Princess of Gaza, Edoyak’s Diary would return with another lovely series soon. Stay glued!

Series Compilation: Adegunloye Kayode

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