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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 6


Even though it was a heartfelt question that required a decisive answer, No one was willing to give a reply to Gina’s question. It was perceived as one of those eccentric questions that could probably land the respondent into trouble. Meanwhile  She looked lost and amidst, no one uttered a word, the only thing she got from her colleagues were mere gestures indicating diverse meanings. However, after few minutes of quietude in the room Zianah begged to take her leave, Although she coolly ventilated her own opinion just before stepping out of the room.

“Am sorry i’ll have to get back to my uncompleted chores now, I wouldn’t want the princess to pick on me yet again. But then i’ll advise we leave out every talk about the princess for now because am wis those itching ears of hers’ would be on the ground and her eyes fixed on every single one of us at the moment…am off, i’ll see you ladies around” She stated before exiting the room.

Afterwards everyone of them dismissed one after the other, Gina returned to the princess’ chamber to tend to her. In the meantime, the engagement preparations continued in the palace, the palace gardeners and flower nurses all got to work to ensure the flowers around the palace looks colorful and decorative. It was a massive array and business all around King Mido’s gigantic Palace. However, it would normally be expected of the princess to feel uneasy or anxious but it was obvious to everyone who cared to take a glance at her that she was unmoved by the impending visit of his proposed spouse. She calmly carried herself around without frets or anxiety, She strolled around the town as usual in company of her guards and maids, everyone bowing to her in adoration once they are accosted by the intimidating young princess.

Ironically, As discourteous and cruel as she is, one interesting fill about her is her rare beauty and Charmness that would apparently sweep any man off his feet. She is a damsel to behold, Maybe it’s true no entity can have it all…because if Princess Cara was a combination of beauty, sensitivity and utmost kindness, she would have been termed as a complete creation. But for now, She could be called anyone’s nightmare.  She is quite an indifferent figure…If only prince Hosni is aware of this fact.

Anyway, the set date for their introduction and purported engagement was approaching faster than anyone could imagine. After about few days afterwards, precisely a day before the Prince’s visit to Gaza land, King Mido called out to his daughter while in his chambers. As soon as his call was obliged by Cara he calmly advised her to try her best to put up a good showing when the Prince arrives the following day, He practically begged her to be decent enough as everyone from the  top echelon, monarchs inclusively would be present. Afterwards she gave her a soothing reply before postulating to be excused.

It was definitely going to come quickly, The dawn of the said day was here and everyone couldn’t have wished for a better day, most especially the almighty king Mido… Every single palace staff were seen busying themselves with one task or the other, the whole scenery and atmosphere around the Palace had changed in no time. Evidently it was forthput to be a special day. However, Princess Cara was laid back in her room scrolling and skimming through her phone. Maybe she was indeed anxious though, but one certain thing about her whole body language depicted otherwise, She was calm and as well as collected. She seemed not to understand why everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill.

“This is really crazy, too much of this and not enough of that…hmmm hmm, I can’t just understand why the entirety of the great King Hosam Mido’s Palace is in so much rush just because some random Prince somewhere is gracing the Kingdom. Well let’s wait and see what he looks like. Am just not game for all of these”. She soliloquized as she smiled and fondled her phone.


What happens when the Prince Of Suez visits?… Episode 7 has more to offer!

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