Re: ThisDay Newspaper “I Am The Owner of Ile-Ife; I can Rule from My Palace if Allowed”

 THISDAY Newspaper published an interview conducted on the book authored by the king himself in a publication dated August 27, 2016. Featured on ‘THIS DAY PLUS’on pages 18 and 19 and titled it with a quote made by Oba Akinruntan which says; “I Am the Owner of Ile-Ife; I Can Rule Ife from My Palace if Allowed”. This statement was made by following the history he was able to evidently narrate in several literature references and in traditional views.With the presence of EkimogunMirror.com at the press conference, several points were made by the king to buttress the fact that the Olugbo’s throne is the oldest throne in the Yoruba kingdom. Contrary to how the publication of THISDAY newspaper might sound in the light of the Olugbo appealing to rule Ile-Ife, Obamakin Osangangan was the paramount ruler of Ile-Ife before Oduduwa came from Mecca and the palace where Obamakin ruled Ile-Ife from still remains and still being referred to as’Ile-Ugbo’ and the community is called Ile-Ero at Okeremo in Ile-Ife till today.

The statement made by the Olugbo during the interview on ruling Ile Ife if allowed was made out of the context of the facts in the above paragraph which shows that the Olugbo still has an existing community in Ile-Ife after so many decades and the throne’s recognition by Ifa divinity where it quotes in a verse “Kutukutu Obamakin Osangangan” and as all yorubas knows that the Ifa is a known divine soothsayer everywhere in the Yoruba kingdom, meaning The Olugbo’s praises to be sang by the divinity cannot be for a cheap course.

According to a known fact in history, Oduduwa migrated  to Ile Ife from Mecca and pictures of him portrays a foreign tribal mark on his cheeks different from that of the indegenes of Ile Ife. According to Oba Akinruntan’s words; “I have read about 2,000 authorities on this subject. This history has always been there. It was my father Obamakin Osangangan, my grand father, son of Oraife who founded Ile Ife. But the powers always make efforts to supress it. Oba Akinruntan further butress the fact that the book authored by him has been written few years ago. In his own words; “Alot of Obas know this truth as well. I am just out to correct history. If the stroy is not real, they would have responded. This book has been out since three years ago. Silence means consent”.

The Olugbo of Ugbo kingdom gave the understanding between him and other monarchs despite his historical stand on the oldest throne belonging to the Olugbo and that history did not just surface based ont he story he heard from his fathers alone but also certain literature has supported the believe that The Olugbo’s throne is the aboriginal throne in Yoruba kingdom. Such literatures include;’Sir, I Remain Your Obedient Servant’ by Omon’oba of Benin, 2004; ‘The First History of Yoruba’ 1987 by Samuel Johnson; ‘The Growth And Expansion of Christianity in Ile Ife’ 1899 by Rev. Dr. Moses Adetunbi; ‘The History And Politics of Nigeria’ 2015 by Professor Olukoya Ogen, etceteria

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