The sad story that hits this country 2 years ago still taunts us all. A stigma to this great nation. An occurrence that has given a bad name and image to an African race. Making the Nigeria government look like it cannot protect it’s people and portraying it powerless in the nation it governs. A story that brought shame, made the county loose profitable friends, it has placed a mark and fear on all Nigerians for 2 years now.

Fathers and Mothers of victims daily live in torment, waking up daily with hope and doubt at the same time with no definite answers to their worries. A body was formed to clamour for the recovery of these girls and till today every approach, every strength given to the search all seem helpless with no result. We count every year and we ask: Where are the Chibok girls? Honestly, to face the truth we need to ask some realistic questions even though it hurts to the marrow. If the girls found in the camp of the Boko Haram so far are not the Chibok girls, then what have they done with the Chibok girls? If they are found, will they all be found?,  will the ones found be found whole? Frustration gets one to ask if they will have to be picked and searched for from the four walls of this country. Are they in this country anymore?, if the one who has captured them is now out looking for food to survive, how then are the girls feeding and surviving?

The government tells us to exercise patience, its been 2 years and hope continues to dwindle. Are we to swallow this hurt and move on as a nation, a parent, a sister and look forward to brighter days? is there any reality left in finding these girls? The government prays for a miracle over this issue and as citizens we only have our hope and doubt to play. We all need healing for sanity over the Chibok Girls case.

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