Taye and Femi Super Love Story 2

Were you able to read the first episode of Taye and Femi’s Love Story? If not, read here

Femi noted that he had to go through a lot to convince her, due to the resentment Taye has about guys in Femi’s line of work.

This was what came to Taye’s mind when Femi walked into their office for his one week engagement, “Oh my God, these people are here again, what do they want, can’t they just leave us alone, it’s going to be a boring week attending to their requests, I will make sure he doesn’t order me around etc”.

Taye’s boss made it mandatory for Femi to interface with only Taye for information/data needed for his review.

Taye made up her mind to stick to only business and do a perfect job: “Well, I won’t allow this boy to ruin my week, I will just focus on my work and give him whatever he needs, she thought”

However, there was a day she met Femi at the café and they chatted about a lot of things: In her words:  ‘At this point, I was beginning to feel a little relaxed around him; maybe because I like his composure or because we have some things in common . Whatever it was, it worked.’

Despite her calmness thereafter, It wasn’t easy convincing her, he had to use lot of tactics.

Taye couldn’t hide her joy when narrating this super love story to ekimogunmirror, we just can’t ignore this from her: “I am so happy he will be my husband and partner for life”

Join the couple for their big day on the 9th of July in Akure…..follow the wedding updates using the hashtag #teephem16 on all social media platforms.

Check more of the couple’s images below; Photo Credit: Libarty Studios

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