The Change Unknown To President Buhari

If I see the president today, I have few questions to ask him. Questions like; Sir, do you have the capacity and resources to have three square meals since you came to power?, Sir, since you got to Aso Rock and even before then? have you had any reason to queue for fuel at a filling station? regardless your status, just to feel what the masses feel?, Sir, since you got into office, has your Salary been delayed at any point?

Does he feel what we feel everyday? The things he reads in the news and watch on the TV, does he think it is just a part of the country that is affected? because one is beginning to see this change more as a suspense. We want to know when the fuel scarcity will be over, want to know what all the trips outside the country is meant for including the one to the Islāmic state that is scaring us down to the liver, we want to know if the State government owing have a certain date of paying up all debts they owe the civil servant workers and the truth is, it’s all just in the dark. What is going on with the budget? will it be signed this year at all? is the 6 trillion complete? will the debt come back to taunt us?

The  present administration is doing a lot of things yet unseen, they say the government is just beginning, that we should be patient, some have been patient and has slipped away in the cold hands of death when they are not been attended to.  When Jesus died, He said he did it all for us, even Jesus had a reason to die. What then is the reason for change when the change is unbearable than the former state of the nation and it has lingered for moths now.

The president came back from US and the only thing he had to tell us was how to improve Nigerian integrity, Seriously he said Integrity! in the midst of fuel scarcity after we were told that more barrels have been released for supply? How is it possible to control internal without placing some effect on the external? It is getting too deep for anyone’s understanding.

This is the time we all try to deduce on the national level now if change is actually for the masses or a change for the political platform only or we are yet to understand the word ‘change’ and the meaning given to it by those who owns it! God bless Nigeria.

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