The Fear to Live the Dream in Nigeria

The professions you see thriving in this country are; The Medical profession, Law, Sciences, Engineering, Business, Accounting/Banking/Insurance,Media, including all the profound professions we know and we all forget our dreams while we were kids. When we were kids there are certain things we wanted to do when we grow up, so we all tell ourselves but we grow up doing something entirely different.

Usually, the sudden change to live outside the dream does not just happen, it happens over a period of time and we realize we are totally out of the box of our initial dream. Less we know either we face the truth or not, our dreams are given so we can find happiness in life. We all agree that not everyone enjoy what they are doing, they are doing what they are doing because of the profit turn over or because they feel they have no choice at the given time. But deep down we always have our mind on our dreams, the mind always find a way to tune itself back to the place it finds joy and enthusiasm.

In developed countries, there are lots of things put in place to help encourage an individual to do things in line with his/her dream. Several schools are built, Fashion school, Music school, Dancing school and lots more but in Nigeria all we have are schools anybody can attend because they see certain dreams as a waste of time. Even now that the government and society knows that certain skills out of the normal formal education box can serve as a means of turn over such as; Music, Football, Artistic qualities and lots more certain things still serves as a barrier to people achieving their dreams in this country.

Nigerians have a weakness of dragging their feet to be the first person to do something, they wait for someone to try it to see if it will fail or not and once the person thrives in that line, you will see thousands of people flock in the same line, regardless if it is their dream or not. We should note that, living a dream is not something we start out to do because of the profit, it is something wee are happy to do,and usually it comes to us so easily and then surprisingly turns to something that brings in profit because we did it well. But most Nigerian youths now are into music because they see it brings in the fortune and fame they don’t mind to struggle, use their money to create the platform and struggle to be seen. That is not talent in anyway.

Since everybody in Nigeria is out for the money, we have turned a blind eye to genuineness and quality. Whoever has their money can have anything done. Producers and Music managers will promote a music crap for money and it will sell. Not all the songs we listen to and dance to has a real musical value, it was sold to you to listen and dance to. The meaning of sold in this contest is not about purchase, but about media manipulation, flooding shows with world class platforms and that will bring the endorsements and there comes the fortune and the fame. This is applicable to any other type of dream being invaded by money. So, nobody in the right position is ready to support talents anymore. They say talent does not bring the money. Wonder what does, it must be the crap they’re promoting.

Also, the fear of the unknown has a part to play in the inability to live one’s dream. We often ask the questions on reality like; Will this put food on my table?, when will I start making profit from it? and this questions quickly plays down any positivity left to live our dreams and we resolve to making our dreams the second option and usually the second option suffers the demand of the first option. The first option takes more of the time and it suffers the second option from growing in a fast pace. The person that likes to play saxophone goes to work all through the week knowing that he has made time to play sax just for 2 hours in church which often times is narrowed down to just 15 minutes before and after choir ministration or could play at an event for a lesser time. And even when the dream one has made the second option gives an opportunity that requires one to cut time from the first option, we often don’t take the opportunity because we feel such opportunities are to small to measure up to the first option.

If we don’t give our dreams time to grow into big things. It might never be seen or used for big things. Every dream needs a lot of  time, space, patience to grow into fulfillment and it hates being the second option.

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