If anyone has witnessed a doctor’s procedure before and all it entails for success includes testing, diagnosing, prescription and then result. This is exactly what the Ondo State Governor Dr. Olusegun Mimiko has done with Ondo State.

The Ondo State people have to admit that never in years have they enjoyed an administration as this PDP regime, it beats every imagination from every angle. What administration initiated Iya Abiye? We all know what the Mega School scheme was before the Mimiko administration transformed it in all the local governments and not just the state capital Or do we need to announce the School Bus Shuttle plan for students whether their parents work in the government system or not in all the local governments. Record shows it that 55,974 pupils board the bus every school days for free. One cannot begin to do the maths of how much the parents of such students save from giving their kids money for transportation. We know how his counterpart in Lagos uses the means of transportation to generate income even though they claim it is to ease the people of expensive transportation, at least they still get something in return.

The establishment erected and maintained by Governor Olusegun Mimiko from building of schools, health care projects, modern markets, roads in several local governments, health care services, Mother and Child hospital etc ate all visible results that one can point to.

If we have to tell one another the truth, we will admit that even the payment of salary being talked about was all on the issue that the president of this country was taking his time to sign a budget holding on to these allocations.

Politics is now more than a party, it is more than one man. Those that worked with Governor Olusegun Mimiko and himself has got their priority straight and has executed a great plan in this state for 8 years. It is those that see the truth and accept it that will see him as a role model and not the enemy. The governor has helped Ondo state to a point of comfort and we lift to commend him.

We need to admit that every sentimental jibby jabba talks is rooted in the fact that we are judging our governor based on his party and that is so wrong in every way. If we are to pick who to lead us next, if Am asked, is to vote for who is capable and who can deliver at the same measure as the governor or more not because the whole nation sees change coming from APC instead of seeing a man capable of bringing about the change desired. Let’s get off our high horses. God bless Ondo State.

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