To My Future Wife – Olayinka Ojo

We are the reason the moon is in a rush for the safety of the day
She’s too jealous of our night light when we hold vigils to pray
Our words serenades the stars to sleep
They faded into the sky like the end of a love song

If blackberry was a door,
I will be the first to knock with a good morning ping
I will wait till when our souls will finally cling
For our fellowship will be worth more than an emerald golden ring
Only if Paul had walked in your garden and stung by the bee of your love
Maybe he would have shunned celibacy and embraced holy matrimony

I am not the best of gentlemen
I stuck my hands in my nose in the public
I forget to wear colognes for my pubic
My singlet is not always as white though not as bad as black but close to shades of grey
You get angry but  then you correct me with your shades of grace

The sun will be jealous at our smiles
We shall journey the path of salvation so many miles
Your skin shall wrinkle before my very eyes
And when we are better than the earth, we shall both sleep and slip into the beyond.

Please post this poem to my future wife.

Olayinka Ojo is the founder of Purpose Driven Poet and Olayinka Ojo Photography Studio and Academy.

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