The Nigerian problem has been under the present administration has been over-flogged even though we all know  that we always have something to complain about under any power in rule and that alone is enough to take us back to the table to understand that, nobody is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen every now and then no matter how much we try to avoid it as human beings which is nothing but to make us all better or put us all in a better place.

As citizens of this country, making our problems known has been made easy over time; we are on the social media to air our opinions all the time and other means of media just for all these leaders to know how we really feel and what we think about them, but if we take a quick minute of silence to ask ourselves; Who takes care of them?, who listens to them? How many of us knows what they are going through Individually? We might be quick to judge them that they got what they asked for, but the truth is that, most of the time it’s until we get that which we desire before we know the prices we have to pay or the consequences we need to face and is that their fault? does that mean they don’t deserve to complain like we do? They are also human beings and a lot of things apart from the name of politics can affect their performance as given.

Every country leader/leaders are also humans who have common problems as any other person such as marital issues, health issues, mental issues, inferiority complex and other numerous problems. Their request for power does not change this about them, it is their but ignored but because they have assumed a position which requires them to think and take care of others and less of themselves leaves a lot of pressure on personal issues that needs attention and either directly or indirectly, all these problems be it domestic, national, spiritual or physical to mention a few affects his/her responsibility for the masses.

How come no one can differentiate another person’s age within 4 years for instance a child between the age of 7 to 10, it is hard for anyone to be sure the exact age simply because their is hardly a physical change during that age range. Now, taking a look at the life of governors, A governor might step into power without any grey hair but there is no guarantee he will leave office within 4 years without grey hairs and this symbolizes nothing else but stress on these individuals. There is little information they can share with the masses and in fact it is not all their problems they can share so as not to be ridiculed or being placed in a ridiculous state.

In all our complains and opinions, we should be able to appeal to reasoning that they are not perfect and they should be prayed for. Our usual prayer is we saying “help our leaders to lead us aright” but how many times do we pray for their well beings, their families and their areas of weakness. We need to take all these too into cognizance because it is easy to judge others without being in the same situation they are in. God bless Nigeria, God bless Ondo State.

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