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You could just be in Love



By Adegunloye Kayode

Love at times isn’t what we think it is, It usually goes far beyond what our minds can imagine. What a normal homo sapien would term love to be would be quite distinct from what a person who is in love or who has once been in love would come out with in respect to the word LOVE. Maybe everyone of us has experienced love at one point in our lifes because ordinarily everyone would have some family or friends to cherish and love but then how do we define a love that wasn’t or a love that had never existed prior to the feeling?.

Furthermore, How do you express this feeling you have for someone?, Most times we think amidst and seldomly we get lost in out thoughts so much that some might not be able to find themselves. On the brighter side, the ones who end up finding themselves won’t be able to phantom what they really feel for the person in question. Sometimes, we find it difficult to know what we feel, whether it’s love, likeness or mere lust. These amazingly unique nouns could be used in such a superlative degree but of course depending on the user.I simply choose to call them trips. Meanwhile ,  I don’t need to to bore you with their definitions but for the sole purpose of this discourse, The main frain is how do you know you are in love with someone and after deducing this, How do you come out straight using the right words at most importantly at the right time.

Listen up and read this carefully, there are some weird signs that are akin to love and it could be magical at times so much that you might not be able to explain it yourself. I’ll briefly highlight a handful of them and thereafter I will leave you to scoop out the rest by yourself, although i’ll be kind enough not to leave you in the lurch.

1. The very first thing is the mutuality, This is where we tend to misplace the reality, You might love me and I might not love you. Yes, it’s very possible and plausible. This actually is the worst of it all because for ease both parties must be quick to develop same interests, In this vein why not start up as friends. Most people could be very difficult. When you run your interest and show of love but He/ she practically turns you down, you might do well by not pestering her because most people hate a pest or pester as the case maybe. Instead suggest friendship and who knows, You might be lucky.

2.  When you barely notice other attractive people, then you might just find yourself thinking about a particular person. Who says this isn’t a feature of love. Believe me you might just be in love with a special somebody.

3. What does your gut tell you? Be honest with yourself . If your first reaction is “Self, what kind of question is that? Of course I love him/her!”, then you’re on the right track. Similarly, if your first reaction is more along the lines of “Um, well, it’s complicated.”, then hold off on saying the words. You might just be “in like,” or
perhaps “in lust.” Both have their places, but they’re not love.
4. Consider how you think and feel when you are around them. Do you feel nervous? Excited? Does your heart beat a little faster, the sky seem a little brighter, and cares seem a lot less important? Emotions like that are often a sign of love.

5. Imagine how you would feel if you lost them. You will know you love someone if you feel protective over them and if you feel protected by them. You will feel like you won’t let anything happen to them and you will feel like you don’t ever want anyone to take them from you.
6. How do they feel? It is true that they could love you and you not feel the same, or vice versa, so you need to think about whether or not you really love them or if they are just triggering sympathetic feelings. Some people could be very soft emotionally and that is why when he/she hugs you because of a little gesture offered you quickly start clipping in feelings. Be very careful to note the feelings.

7. Tell the person how you feel. You don’t have to say the words directly—you can say that you’re thinking this could happen, and you are excited to feel this way with them. Say you are on a quest to discover your feelings for them and let them
know your progress.

Love could really go deep and that supports the reason why It’s indeed a voluminous one but we’ll definitely continue some other time. Always keep tabs on this Diary space for more topics.

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