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We are back with our amazing articles, We strongly believe you’ll find this new one quite intriguing. It’s actually an affair that happened to a particular guy who was really courageous to drop the story on our diary. Why wouldn’t we rather post it then?. This is one of the new additives to our Diary which we feel would add another sort of spice to Edoyak’s Diary.

In the meantime let’s get to his penned story. You’ll have to pardon us as we would be keeping his name anonymous, Let’s shoot.

I have always been an ordinary guy like any other guy next door, although I have the softest of spots for beautiful ladies, the mere sight of them gives me a tickling sensation and most times I always find it relatively easy to approach the few ones have bumped into. And it’s either I get a ‘YES or a ‘NO’, depending on my humble request from them. While some will tell me ‘I am engaged, so I can’t date you’, Some would say ‘It’s better we remain as friends’. Anyway, being the cool guy that I am and that I have always been, I would normally agree to their terms and conditions.

However, something unusual happened one day. I was driving back home from the mall where I had gone to get some stuffs for my mom, I don’t have a ride yet though, I was driving in my mom’s car. Although she seldom allows me drive her car but owing to the fact that she sent me on the errand, she was left with no choice than to hand over the car key. It was one of the finest rides of the modern dispensation. As I drove into our Estate I was slowly marching on the turtle, the car was moving on a slow velocity. As I drove on in the Close I saw a lady from the distance. I was yet to drive by her but I could tell from the distance that she was a beautiful damsel. She was well built with the necessary curves and plumbs that would drive any man crazy.

As I drove by her, I marched on the brake and pressed down the glass. Then I greeted her with my calmest voice. Good girl, she responded respectfully and then after asking to know where she was headed, I offered her a ride because we were actually headed the same route.

In short, we became pals. I hate wasting time or longing thing, So after few weeks of our friendship I asked her out but she blatantly refused. However, she said something crazy that day. After she told me she had a boyfriend, she further hinted at the fact that I could hang around in the sidelines. Like in the background I thought to myself. I didn’t really understand what she meant but then as I sharp guy I didn’t quiz her further. The only thing I did was reduce the rate at which I normally called her, the chit chats on phone drastically whaned down. It was all a deliberate act. I wanted to know how important I was to her. I have grown to learn that some ladies would want you but won’t know how to go about it, so I was hoping this was going to be one of such.

After some days, she beeped me on instagram. It was strange because she wouldn’t normally do that, Instead she would beep me via whatsapp or even BBM. But now she’s sending me a DM on instagram. That was after I had posted a picture of myself and a colleague hanging out. She was like “Are we quarreling”?.
I laughed real hard and then I called her. Afterwards she told me she needed to see me urgently, she sounded rather pale and displeased. I quickly asked what it was all about but she promised to gist me when I come around.

The following day, when it was near dusk I called her mobile to know if she was home and she replied positively. After some minutes I got to her house, have being their a couple of times and even met her so called boyfriend on one of my visits. As I belled the door, she came and opened up. I stepped in as she stood aside. She was still wearing that weird look. Thereafter I asked her what was biting her and she kept staring at me, Then she asked if I would take anything. I refused and instead asked to know what was wrong. She didint say a word and then I reminded her about her promise to tell me, I was sure she wouldn’t renege.

She then told me how she found out her boyfriend. The low esteemed guy was actually cheating on her, She told me how she caught him pants down with another lady. She couldn’t take it, it was a sour pill to swallow. However, I was still about pacifying her when suddenly the rain began to pour heavily outside. It poured like it wouldn’t stop any soon. She drifted closer to me and placed her head on my chest, I had no choice but to cuddle her and pet her up. She was so warm and captivating. Numerous thoughts started flying into my head, The rain still wouldn’t stop. She then told me she was feeling cold and asked if I was cold too. I nodded in reply and she gave me a soft smile. She kept staring at me and me too I stared back. She came even closer placing her head sideways, At this point I knew

something was going to happen. Everything was working together for my good or maybe for our good. Well from there one thing led to another and another led to another again…at the end, I was fufilled. I guess the patient dog eats the fattest bone and even if it won’t end up eating the fattest, It would definitely eat some nice bones.


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